We believe that humanity’s instinct 01 a natural propensity or skill of a specified kind. to create, share, trade and sell is not altered by technology. We do the best with best practices. 02 commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective.
Increased revenue.
Actionable growth strategies.
Optimized online bottom lines.

What We Do

Gild Group is an independent retail strategy and services group that provides expert perspective, disciplined analysis and outcome-oriented execution to online retailers regardless of vertical or platform.

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Ecommerce Management Services

  • Data analysis
  • Customer engagement, acquisition & retention
  • Storefront optimization
  • Promotional strategy
Customer Service Optimizations

Integrated robust customer service software and management processes to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Lead Acquisition

Provided lead acquisition strategy that tripled average leads per month generated on the site within 60 days.

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Merchandise Assortments

Adjusted the merchandising strategy and how the product was positioned on the site to increase the average order value.

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Price Optimization

Improved conversion rates and grew online sales by taking a formula-based approach to price optimization and testing customer responsiveness.

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Promotion Planning

Developed promotional calendar based on customer lifecycle in an effort to drive orders while preserving margins as much as possible.

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Software Integrations

Identified and implemented software to integrate inventory management with third-party logistics warehouse proprietary system who was managing wholesale orders and inventory counts.

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