For generations, curiosity 01 the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness has been converted. Today, Gild’s insight and tools amplify 02 to make larger, greater, or stronger; enlarge; extend the power of modern commerce.
Gild takes a holistic approach to client assessment and, based on our findings, we identify areas for quantifiable improvement and then create a timeline for the approach. In every relationship, Gild creates measurable outcomes from evidence-based decision-making.
An engagement with Gild is strategic and critical to successful, company-wide outcomes. Your commitment to change and growth makes it possible.

Meet our Founders:

Gray Anderson

A marketing and communications veteran with a hurry-up-and-go mindset, Gray pivoted toward ecommerce early in his career when he saw how making fast-paced, smart decisions could predictably accelerate clients’ profitability. He co-founded Gild Group to bring his positive perspective to shops that sell everything under the sun, identifying patterns and unlocking solutions that scale for businesses of all sizes. For Gray, each stage of the process represents another layer of opportunities for gaining ground and increasing momentum. At home, Gray is much the same: updating his fixer-upper between weekends spent traveling with his wife and friends in search of more adventure.

Taylor Rains

While working in advertising, Taylor blended rigorous data analysis with carefully crafted brand storytelling. And while it was nice to tally wins, Taylor was frustrated knowing that the greatest impact would be found when applying the same principles to the business as a whole. He co-founded Gild Group to bring expertise to a modern, digital merchants guild – a place where retailers can find the successful frameworks that entrepreneurial ecommerce demands. As a partner in a company’s growth process, Taylor takes seriously the legacies of each client, coaxing them toward masterful, holistic achievements. A jetsetting history buff, when Taylor’s not in the office he’s likely sipping a coffee abroad and planning what neighborhood he’ll wander through. Ask him for recommendations for your next trip.